Rice-cooker steamed black sesame bread


Sometimes you don’t get what you thought… and that’s good too. So these are savory mushipan (steamed bread).

The batter is a quick bread batter. Flour + baking powder, I added rice bran, salt and black sesame. And water. And a little oil.

Any steam-basket is OK. Any big high pot is OK. I use my rice-cooker. I put water in the bottom (about 2 cm), and I make a base with a 2 cm high saucer (that could be anything). I put the mold with batter on top. And I start the program. That lasts a long time as the cooker stops when the rice is cooked , but the water doesn’t cook. After 15 to 20 minutes, check the bread, if it raise. Use a pin to see if it’s done inside.

Steamed. It didn’t go up as much as I expected, they are more solid… Maybe my…

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