Red wine mushrooms and refreshing lunch…


Another refreshing lunch for hot days. Delicious and plant-based except for the broth (that you can replace by a kombu dashi).


That’s from an idea seen on pinterest from this blog. I have not followed exactly. I refried garlic, rosemary in olive oil, added wine, simmered shimeji mushrooms. Garnished with negi leek and parsley. Warm, I was not too crazy about it, maybe I put too much rosemary. It’s better chilled, so I have kept it for the next lunch, now.


I had chicken stock left, cooled. So I’ve added chili pepper, ground black pepper,and sansho peppercorns to spice it. Boiled and chilled soba noodles to dip in.

If you like soba see this compil’.


Side veggies : lettuce, steamed kabocha and okara veggie patties (recipe here).



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