Moonrise avocado


Photos at night under the neon are really ugly. That’s great material to play with. Let’s go retro.
Retro avocado. They are no longer the same as when I was a kid. That was new, exotic and I guess expensive. But they were green. The rind was green. The flavor was deeper, greener. The flesh was greener and when we’d make guacamole, it would turn very green very quickly… no matter how much lemon we added.
The new varieties they sell now are probably less fragile. But they are so white, so fat. That’s more like margarine.

So let’s use the green bits of the leaves power up the guacamole.

Deep green.

To go with it, a new version of the pattzuki bean patties cooked in the hot-sand grid of the waffle maker. They contain a few peppercorns of green sansho, so you really crunch into deep green.


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