Bouille bouille bouillabaisse


The humble soup dish. This version is really frugal, made with fish leftovers that some people would discard and cheap veggies. The meal is still gorgeous. That’s the magic of the kitchen.


With fish heads and bits they don’t use for sashimi. Keep away the cuts with meats on them.


The first step is to make a soup by simmering the unusable parts with onion, garlic, herbs, tomato, salt, a little olive oil. Then passing gives a light broth. Blending, then passing gives a thick fish soup.


2 batches of fish soup to stock in the fridge.


Reheat soup with potatoes, more veggies, herbs, garlic…I’ve added paprika, red bell pepper, saffron.


Add the fish at the end.


It cooks quickly.


Fish and veggies make the main dish. And the first dish is this scarlet soup :



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