Yaki-anago teishoku, a Japanese July lunch


It’s hot and extremely humid. It’s tempting to skip meals. Then you don’t feel better. This is easy to eat.

Yaki anago teishoku (grilled conger eel menu). Unagi, the Japanese eel are becoming very expensive. The thinner anago is a better bargain, but that’s different, no so tasty.
I got the fish already grilled from fishmonger. I just reheated in the oven.

It gets crispy. Which makes them better.

Today’s natto is refreshed with pickled ginger.

A seaweed soup very light. Seasoned with soy sauce and a little mirin. There are 2 weeds : green wakame and black hijiki. With cubes of silky tofu.

Rice, a mix of brown and white. Coleslaw.

Waw, I’ve eaten all that !
The flower is a kuchinashi, the local gardenia. They are all over town and their fragrance makes you tipsy. It’s a delicious plant. I tried to have one on…

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