Nuts, herbs and spices, that’s dukka


I had never heard about this product. Originally from Egypt, dukka (duqqa) is a kind of spice mix used in Middle-Eastern cuisines. The quickest way to taste it was to make mine. That’s without warranty of having the authentic flavor but that doesn’t matter as long as it’s good. Some day I’ll go there to taste the original.


Spices : black pepper, coriander seeds, raw sea salt, dry mint.
“Nuts” : sesame seeds, walnut, cashew nut.
I roasted them in 2 batches. I’ve added cumin powder and paprika powder. And in a mortar, ground finely the spices and more coarsely the nuts.


Boiled chick peas were waiting to become hummus. I’ve added garlic, a little yuzu juice, olive oil on top.


I eat it as a dip for veggie sticks (red bell pepper and cucumbers).


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