Trial : home-made soba buckwheat noodles


I often eat soba buckwheat noodles. But this time, I’ve made them. Hurrah !

soba soba-mania, many soba variation

Buckwheat flour is not so easy to work. I don’t know the pro technique and I totally cheated.
-took buckwheat flour, added lukewarm water to wet it
-added as much durum semolina as necessary to make it not too sticky. I’d say, they are 30% semolina, 70 % buckwheat.
-passed into the pasta machine

Patatra ! Well, I’ve waited one hour and tried again. No problem. The dough needs to rest.

Boiled the noodles 2 minutes, let 2 minutes in old water, then I’ve rinsed and refreshed them in iced-water.
Important : keep the water in which the noodles boiled.

Serve along with a cup of tsuyu (soy sauce and dashi stock cold soup).

A few toppings.

A side dish : veggies seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce.

Lunch is served…

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