Salmon makizushi menu


Here is the meal around this super-healthy roll sushi (made here) with Hokkaido salmon, negi and brown rice.

Of course, I’ve sliced the maki (roll) and served with soy sauce to dip. Then 2 hot day sides :

I have a pot of red shiso… that I don’t water enough. Well, it survived so far. Umeboshi pickled plums are colored and flavored with this shiso.

The sauce is a pasted umeboshi and rice vinegar. On grated daikon. Shiso leaves to pinpoint the ume flavor. That’s all.

That’s simple, easy. That’s also deliciously fragrant and refreshing.

Chilled soup : dashi broth, ice cubes, wakame seaweed, soy sauce, sesame and dry chili.

Enjoy this cool Summer lunch !
Mmmmmmm…. umai !

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