To-gan, Summer Winter squash


This big green object is a togan, tougan, 冬瓜 literally Winter melon, but the season started a while ago and lasts till Winter. It’s very popular in Hong-Kong to carve one and serve a soup in it.
It’s good for the hot days as it’s very watery, so it’s hydrating. To resist the heat, it is advised to avoid drinking and to eat your water instead, precisely with watery food. 

I cut the flesh. Put in a bowl with water and cook in the microwave. Easy. The taste is… What taste ? There is not much.

I’ve added a few bits of kabocha pumpkin, grated ginger and soy sauce. Let cool. And you have a refreshing Summer veggie.

With stir-fried pasta.

Enoki mushrooms, steamed, cooled, with Chinese black vinegar, miso and negi.

Salted hokke, grilled.

Well another good meal !

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