Skillet pizza, plant based



When it’s hot, you don’t want to heat more the kitchen by boosting the oven in pizza mode… plus you’re too lazy to knead the dough. So that’s how you can make a pizza :


1. Quick dough : flour, baking powder, salt, olive oil and water.
2. The dough can be cooked immediately in a skillet (no oil, a wet lid on top to create steam).
3. Tomato paste and olive oil on the dough…

That really “grills” the dough and brings a pizza flavor.


Summer produce.


I’ve steamed the aubergine and the onion. The sweet corn and the peppers are raw.


Veg’ cheese : sakekasu (sake lees), miso and olive oil


Passed under the grill 3 minutes to color the sauce. That step could be skipped and the garnished pizza could be fully cooked in the skillet.



3 thoughts on “Skillet pizza, plant based

    • It’s 100% made of plants. The sauce that looks like cheese is “miso + olive oil + sakekasu”, sakekasu is sake lees, fermented rice, a by product of sake making that has strong taste like goat cheese. It can be eaten raw but it still has some alcohol content and that can make you tipsy. But it’s not salted at all, not fat at all. So I mixed to have a salty and melty result. I don’t know the availability of sakekasu outside Japan, it’s probably rare. But if you can find some, it’s an interesting ingredient also used to make soups (kasu jiru).

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