Chilled tomato soup dinner. Bonus : DIY tahini


Another cooling soup. It’s like a gaspacho, with more veggies.

And a convenient tip…

The classic version contains bread, here it’s thickened by a few cooked favas, and garnished with lots of greens.

Shishito sweet green peppers.


For healthy proteins, a mash of… hummus. To eat with a fork.

The brown paste is my home-made tahini. It doesn’t look pro, but the taste is great. And when you have none at hand, it’s quick to make yours.

Quick tahini recipe :
1. place raw sesame seeds on a tray in the oven toaster to half-toast them. They shouldn’t be darker than on this photo.
2. grind them in a cheap electric coffee mill. When it’s powder grind again into paste. Wait 10 minutes, regrind a little more.

That’s it. You can add some oil to get it more liquid like the commercial one. I don’t.

The hummus garnished…

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