Holy squash ! A sweet divine like angels’ hair…


A pretty dessert, so sweet, light as it could fly around. Le petit Jésus en culotte de velours (baby Jesus in velvet pants, meaning de-li-cious). Or the hair of little angels.
So you have recognized cabello de ángel (aka dulce de calabaza, or dulce de cidra, or dulce de calabaza, or confiture de cheveux d’anges…) ?

That’s it ?
NO, I made a “fake”. Well, not a big cheating. That should be this squash :

courge cheveux d'angesource wiki

I had not.

I’ve used this Winter melon (see here). So it does not have the hair shape. But it is used to candied in China too, as it has the same texture as the squash they use in Spain.

Well, I’ve grated it, them steamed it till half-cooked.

Simmered in a blond syrup with a stick of cinnamon till it’s like that :

Let cool. The next day it’s delicious…

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