Hanbaagu – A burger with greens


This is not exactly like in your local burger place…
I often asked to Japanese Mums :
“So you said you cooked healthy meals for your children. What is your specialty ?
-Hanbaagu !
-Hamburger is healthy ?
-Not hanbaagaa like in fast-food shops. Hanbaagu. It’s full of fresh vegetables. And my kids love it…”

Yes, Japanese style hamburger is a vegetable preparation. With a little meat in it. This is one of the classic “yoshoku” dishes.
“yoshoku” meant Western food, in opposition to “washoku”, Japanese food. Actually, “yoshoku” is now reserved for the Western dishes the Japanese adapted at their taste and ingredients before the 1950’s.

That’s not exactly what I made, they like their hanbaagu with brown sauce and rice. I wanted something *lighter* and something to chew on the side.

Lean Japanese beef, celery leaves, onion, broccoli stalks, salt, gold chili pepper, salt, pepper, and…

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