Wagashi saga 3 : The origines. O-hagi.


Let’s make the most basic wagashi (Japanese sweet) and probably one of the most ancient. O-hagi, ohagi, hagimochi. O is a sort of prefix-article often used for food, you can omit it sometimes. Hagi is a purple clover flower, abundant in Autumn… well now.
So it’s an Autumn sweet… that is eaten year round, they change the name and shape slightly.

For the most basic, you need only 3 ingredients :
-mochi-gome (sticky rice)
-azuki beans
-sugar, or honey, or syrup

Sugar was not a commodity in old times, and it’s possible non-sweetened versions existed. This wagashi is one of the less sweetened.

Proportions :
For a dozen (hand palm size), you need 1 cup (200ml) of uncooked rice and 1/2 cup (200 ml) of uncooked beans. Sugar, as you like…

A photo of the sticky rice, and the same next to normal rice. It’s a different cultivar. That’s not…

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