Rice and beans. And nameko.


You don’t need much food : rice and beans. And you’re good to go. With a few veggies it’s even better. In many countries over the world, generations of people have lived eating this roughly at every meal. I like more variety, but once in a while, that’s great.

Hatsuga genmai germinated brown rice (read more).

Kuromame, black soy beans.
They are hard cookies… Well, you need time. With a good long soaking 2 or 3 hours. Without, some say 8 hours. So make a big batch and you can freeze what you don’t use.

Cooking black soy beans (kuromame) :

-Rinse the beans. Place them 24 hours in cool water (in the fridge if it’s hot)
-Bring to boil, skim the foam.
-Cook on moderate heat till tender.
-Add seasonings, sauces… and simmer till very tender, or as you like.

Japanese trick : to…

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