How to make snowballs in Osaka, inspired by “chionoules” on EatGreek blog


We rarely have snow here, and it doesn’t stay… the snowballs have to be made with other ingredients than snow.
The original recipe of the snowballs is on EatGreek’s delicious blog : Chionoules. Thanks a lot for the idea.

I simplified a lot…. My snowballs are made of 2 ingredients :


I reduced the coconut flakes to powder (nearly paste) and mixed to the flesh of boiled sweet potato. That’s all… And that’s delicious. Sweet enough, very strong in coconut taste, easy to eat…
I’ll make some more with a few drops of rum or kirsch or grand-marnier… but that was not necessary for my little weekday dessert.

Cal : 244.9 F12.9g C31.5g P3.5g

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