Okonomi-green, cabbage, avocado, sea weed…


Many greens for this lunch okonomiyaki. OK, I admit it, that was a way to empty the veggie box in my fridge. And the result was delicious.

About the veggieful Japanese hot-plate specialty, recipes, etc :

Les okonomiyakis gourmands (compilation, click here)

Of course, it is base on shred cabbage. Lots of it in the batter. I’ve added an egg too.

Onions, green peppers and avocado stir-fried together make the filling. It’s original, but that works perfectly.

I’ve painted the top with shoyu (soy sauce, thickened with potato starch). Then aonori sea weed flakes, dry bonito flakes, shichimi-togarashi (7 spice mix) and negi leeks…

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