Petits classiques : individual hachis parmentiers


That’s the basic classic hachis parmentier served by all French mamans. It’s economical comfort food that children love. Including grown up kids…
Today, they are small, in ramequin (what you may call cocottes) and verrines (it’s a glass, I hope baking won’t damage it too quickly).
The ramequins can be prepared in a large quantity and frozen. Their shape and size is ideal for quick thawing.

That starts with a leftover of boiled beef. It’s minced into hachis, then refried with a brunoise of veggies.

Mashed potatoes, flavored with butter. My only eccentricity is I’ve left the pink skin. I don’t buy pink potatoes to throw the skins.

Layered : puree, hachis, puree, butter.
Then baked and enjoyed !

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2 thoughts on “Petits classiques : individual hachis parmentiers

  1. Dingueling… Idea …
    Just put a layer of cling film on your ramekin, set you mini parmentier on top of the cling film and freeze. Once frozen, remove the parmentier, discard the cling film, and put the frozen parmentiers in a ziplock type plastic bag and back to the freezer.
    For reheating, get’m back to a ramekin and place un an oven or microwave …
    In that way, you don’t need to use one zillion of ramekins 🙂

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