Soupe du jour : avocat fantaisie


The daily soup is a mix of veggie, creamed by avocado. As usual, quick, simple, cooked and raw.

Cooked : broccoli stalks, kabocha pumpkin skin (as flesh was used).
Steamed : shishito
Raw : lime flesh and juice, mizuna leaves, natural sea salt

All that in the blender. Then decorate…

A (steamed) shishito (lion pepper). A sweet pepper.

Avocado, coated with lime juice.

A butterfly of red sweet pepper and the skin of the lime.
That was delicious.
I should have smoothed and leveled it more for the photo. Sorry.

But… there is a but. These kind of avocado soups are very popular over the web. Some people seem to have them daily. I wouldn’t do it. It is not easy on the stomach. And I used only 1/2 small avocado. So as a lunch, on occasions, in small servings.

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