Pork and oyster okonomiyaki


DSC06228-001 DSC06237-001

A filling Osakan lunch : Okonomiyaki.
Today’s garnished with pork and oysters.
For details, there is a special page with all explanation in French and English: okonomiyaki


Main ingredients.


Well cooked. You can see the meat that I put in the bottom of the pan.


Painted with shoyu soy sauce, garnished with aonori seaweeds, negi leeks, fish flakes and pickled ginger.


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One thought on “Pork and oyster okonomiyaki

  1. We had Japanese exchange students stay with us in the 90’s and they made Okonomiyaki for us. Our daughter and husband just moved to Yokosuka with the USNavy and I began craving this yummy treat so ordered a kit online and am looking forward to bringing a little Japan to Pennsylvania! I joined your site to help me learn more about the cuisine where of family will be living for 3 years. Our daughter is a Vegan …turning out to be easier in Japan than it was in Sicily for them, Thanks

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