Tofu no masago-age, beach sand croquettes



Masago means beach sand, and it’s used for food with a sandy texture. Here it’s fried scrambled tofu, a retro Japanese family dish. You get a golden crust, with a creamy crumbly filling and many colorful crunchy bits…


It’s cotton tofu (momen, firm). It is mashed with a fork into a sand like texture. Add 1 tbs of potato or corn starch for a cup. Flavor to taste with soy sauce and mirin (or soy sauce, sake and little sugar).


Add “pebbles”. Some recipes use minced chicken meat, some diced shrimps. You can just take blanched veggies like here : carrot, bell pepper, garlic stalks, onion, negi leeks and edamame beans.


Then form balls or patties. Pass them in starch and fry at 170 degrees Celcius. I like mines with a little lemon juice or chili sauce.


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