Braised radicchio, sage rolled fluffy frittata




That’s a long tittle, but I think that explains the concept. Yet, it’s not complete as the frittata is filled with creamy cheezy sauce.
Then as I had a lot, I’ve served also some braised radicchio as a side with Bulldog sauce (Japanese fruity Worcester).


A radicchio. Slice it and braise it in a little olive oil, till it caramelizes :


Braised radicchio.



Sage flavored fluffy frittata :
Blend 1/4 cup water with a dozen of leaves of fresh sage roughly cut. Add an egg and 2 tbs of potato starch, a little salt. Blend again. Cook the foamy mix both sides in a small frying pan. It’s about 1/2 cm thick. You will enjoy a sage fragrance in the air while it cooks.


My fav’ creamy cheezy sauce. I’ve cooked it 2 minutes to take away excess alcohol contained in the sakekasu (sake lees) and added a little…

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