Tagine vapeur – Steamed tagine


That’s a sort of steamed pot-luck. Add the things you want to cook longer first.
Favorite shops are closed as it’s a national holiday. I didn’t do shopping, so I found in the freezer some chicken and in the fridge :
Shallots (main flavor of that steam)
Sweet potato (in thin slices)
Edamame beans
Spinack stalks, and leaves (rolled)
A dried chili, a stalk of rosemary. That’s all that is needed.
With yesterday’s bread, and shredded daikon radish (toppings are salt, sansho, and sesame).

(meal with 1/2 of the amount of chicken on the photo)
Cal 461.3 F9.2g C60.2g P36.5g
With all the meat and half the chicken, you can have a very high protein meal.

Magasins fermes pour cause de jour ferie. C’est un melange cuit a la vapeur, les ingredients qui cuisent moins sont ajoutes apres :
du poulet
de l’echalote qui parfume le tout
de la…

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