Chocolate and azuki


Azuki beans (3 half-cups, just boiled in water) and an 1 egg for the base.
Four tbs of cocoa powder and 10g of cocoa paste for the choco taste.
A tbs of dried currents and 1/2 an apple for sweetness (you would probably add sugar)
A little kirsch liquor and butter, to make it sinful.

All that in the blender, then in slow-heat oven (170 deg C) 50 minutes.
Let it cool. Wait 24 to 48 hours to eat… well, you should, flavors take time to develop.

My stock of azuki beans. I rehydrate one night, cook a big batch and freeze them in sillicone muffin tray.

For 2 small cakes :
Cal 508 F15.4g C64.8g P23.5g
1 serving of 1/2 cake :
Cal 127 F3.8 C16.2 P5.9

Fr :
Fondant au chocolat et azuki
3 demi-tasses de haricots azuki cuits, un oeuf, 4 cs de cacao non sucre, 10…

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