Milking your almonds… (home-made almond milk)


Recipe in pictures – Recette en images.



Express home-made almond milk :

Preparation time :
2 minutes (waiting at least 15 minutes before remixing is recommended)

Tools :
a blender, a coffee filter

Ingredients :
15 g of almond powder
1 ts of honey (7g)
1 cup of water
ice cubes
vanilla essence, bitter almond essence, orange blossom water (your choice, or nothing)

Put the almond powder, honey and water in the blender. Mix. Wait a few minutes. Add the ice cubes, if you want a cool drink. Mix a second time.
You can use it that way, it is slightly powdery in taste, but for cooking, adding to cereals, it’s OK. For a more milk drink, pass it through a coffee filter. I add the grounds to some other food (cookies, bread, pesto, spice mix or to thicken a sauce).

Remarks :
-Raw sliced almonds, raw whole…

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