Petits poissons dans la friture…


Swimming in the plate.

In the sea, from that page.

In the shop.

In my kitchen.

It’s called gaccho. ガッチョ
I have read that they are the most thrown away fish. And that’s true they sell them very cheap. Why do you think people don’t buy them ? They are surely less loaded in heavy metals than the big tuna or whale. The taste ? I found them excellent, fine flesh, not too firm, not too soft, delicate taste. I think that’s just ignorance. That’s not as bad as in Europe where I know so many people that would never buy fish if the fishmonger does not cuts it an prepares square shaped filets, but many young people wouldn’t buy anything but the 10 most common species of fish.

They were too small for something else, so I just fried them. I ate them with a mix of matcha…

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