Cerises aigres – Cerises au vinaigre (sour cherry, pickled cherry)


With “American cherries”.

Those small cherries have sour taste. They are considered local as they are sold as “sakurambo” (Japanese cherries) and not as “cherries” (Barbarian cherries).
They are very ressemblig to the “cerise Montmorency” from France. No. Let’s say they are “sour cherries”.

I’ve used them to make pickled cherries, and a sour cherry pudding (same recipe as clafoutis but totally different result).

“Les cerises aux vinaigres” are familial specialties in North-East of France, Alsace and Lorraine. And now, elegant grocery stores sell them as refined condiment. Nothing easier than making yours.

Sour cherries are ideal for the recipe, but other cherries can do. Only use perfect fruits here.

The classical version is red wine vinegar. I’ve used cherry vinegar… no sherry vinegar. Spices were Ceylon cinnamon and pepper.
Keep 1 cm of stalk. Clean and dry the fruits. Place in a clean jar.

Bring vinegar and spices to…

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