Cubes of refreshment : heart-heaven in black sweetness


This style of dessert is popular in Japanese Summer. This is my Southern fruit version.
It’s hot, you definitely don’t want any of the classical desserts, cakes, cream, even ice-creams. This is really light. Then it helps your digestion when weather is weird and makes your inside react weirdly.

The cubes are made of agar-agar seaweed (kanten). As a cooled jelly, they shaped in noodles or squares or whatever. They are called tokoroten, 心天, a cute name “heart heaven”. They are nearly flavorless. Served very fresh. Once, I’ve made some from scratches… I mean really, from fishing the seaweed, washing it, cooking it. Well I’ll show you the final part some day.
As you see there are a few sweet beans too.

You can add fruits. I’ve added pinapple. Then bananas. I eat bananas everyday. I try to have 4 fruits a day, and usually there is a banana in…

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