Guided tour of my soba closet…


All about soba and more…
What kind of soba do you have in your closet ? What do you prefer ?


Soba is buckwheat in Japanese. A plant, not a real cereal it seems. It is extremely popular in places like Japan, and mountainous areas of Europe, because compared to wheat, it grows more easily in restricted surfaces, on slopes.
As the most common (but not unique) buckwheat floor is noodles… soba also took the meaning of “buckwheat noodles”.
Then as most Japanese knew only their “soba noodles”, when wheat noodles were introduced from China, they also called them “soba”, “chuka soba” (Chinese soba) vs “wa soba” (Japanese soba).


So I had eaten “soba pasta” before knowing Japan existed. In Savoie, they make the crozets. These are some I made a while ago (no better photo, I’ll make some again)


Most traditional food of…

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