Sansho, la saveur boisee de la cuisine japonaise. (The wood flavor in Japanese cuisine.)


Leaves and green peppercorns of sansho.

Sancho is a “pepper” tree. It’s an extremely important source of flavor in Japanese cuisine.
Actually, it’s “Sichuan pepper”. Well, posting from Japan, I am not allowed to write it ?
Look at it on wikipedia. Travelling in the South of China, North of Thailand, I have seen leaves and green seeds of Sichuan pepper and I couldn’t tell the difference. But well, I was been *lectured* several times by Japanese people that “that’s different” and they showed me the pink dry Sichuan pepper.

The difference is in Japan, the peppercorns are used when they are green only. If they are dried, it’s from the green seed. In China, they make the “hoajiao” with mature red peppercorns, and use the green ones mostly fresh.


The young leaves are called “ki no me” (tree sprouts). They are sold as herb. You can also…

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