Kiki the witch bakes cherry bagels.


Kiki the witch-MAP is my “panyakiki” AKA “machine that bakes your pan”… yep, Home-Bakery in Japanese. In France, we say MAP (machine a pain). Mine is “Kiki” for the friends, like Miyazaki’s Kiki the witch. Miyazaki’s flying Kiki.

Old Kiki baking in my home… I bought her many years ago, and she kneeds half of the bread I eat.

Ping-pong balls.

Shaped bagels.



Doubling of volume.



They don’t taste like the bagels of the supermarket. They are de-li-cious ! It’s hard to wait, and refrain from eating them all.

Recipe for cinnamon cherry and cinnamon raisin bagels :

5 of each :

Evening, day 1 :
Mix 1 ts of dry yeast in a cup of water.
Fill the machine with 200 g of all purpose flour, 3 big pinches of natural salt, water. Start the dough making program. Add the yeast when it is bubbly…

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