Vautes aux cerises (cherry old style pancake)


In old times, people from my place had plenty of fruits… but no oven to bake cake. So they would make the “vautes”. Thicker than a crepe, less fat than a donut would be the definition.

This is the origine of the recipe (also the true origine of most tasty cakes in the world, but we are rarely credited).
It is probably the ancestor of the clafoutis that became famous in Limousin (a region in the middle of the pancake) and I made last month.

The flavor comes from Kirsch, a liquor made from cherries in the North-East of France and nearby areas.

Batter (for 3 vautes of 20 cm) :
1 egg
75 g all-purpose flour
25 g corn starch
1 ts vanilla sugar
100 ml water + 30 ml kirsch cherry liquor
1/2 ts of baking powder or of soda (optional)

Old style : You beat all the…

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