Negi-yaki… Home-style green okonomiyaki


Negi-yaki is a variation of okonomiyaki, where cabbage is replaced by negi green leeks.

On the photo (follow like a clock ), you can see :
The leek greens being cut with scissors.
Fish powder
Aonori seaweed powder,
Shirasu fish bait,
Maitake mushroom,
Ami ebi (salty shrimps),
Grated potato.

So today’s mission is to cook negi-yaki (leek-yaki).
In Osaka, classical topping is “gyusuji” which is… some stew of some parts of beef.
It’s “my version”. Like there was my version of oyster okonomiyaki a while ago.
Another day, I will make one *like in the shops* because they have let me see some of the secrets, eh, eh, eh…

Shita-aji :
Litterally “under-taste”. That’s the flavoring that makes a dish taste Japanese.
Most of it comes from soy sauce and dashi (fish broth).

Dashi :
Dashi stock is made by simmering briefly fish flakes or fish powder or dried…

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