Une moussaka de nulle part… moussaka of nowhere.


Moussaka is a dish that exists in different countries, with different recipes… and I don’t know much.
This one is as traditional as a Julia Child French recipe, so it’s a random mix of different coherent recipes combined with the supply of my TV show’s sponsors… well, my fridge’s content.
I think the aubergine, meat sauce and potato part belong to Greek tradition, and the custard and cinnamon to the Albanian version.
If you are from one of the “moussaka area” and think I am outside of the concept of moussaka, let me know in comment. I’m always glad to learn.

The fridge : As you see, tomato passata, aubergine (the tail of the snake), beef cut for Japanese hot-pot, potatoes, red onion.
I also had egg yolks to use, and no more milk for the custard.

Cinnamon (Ceylon type) is the main fragrance. I also added salt, coriander seeds…

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