Summer O-kayu (easy to eat in hot weather, brown rice congee)


When temperature is 33 to 35 degrees, humidity 70% and up, I never feel like eating. I made the choice to live without air-conditioning, and it is so much better. This is the only minus. And it’s OK if I eat food adapted to the season. I don’t really have the “digestive troubles” I mention, precisely because I eat how I need to avoid them.

Whole grains can be trickly to digest. Be nice with your intestine.
Take genmai (brown rice). Cook it overnight. I like my o-kayu (congee, rice porridge) very liquid. I use the Chinese program.

Cut the fibers thin, salt and slightly steam the greens. Cut and salt in advance the herbs (nira and Italian parsley).

Mushrooms are steamed too. They are “tora enoki”, panther enoki. Shirasu (fish bait) is already steamed.

Dry garlic is less pungent than fresh Toasted it makes a nice alternative to the…

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