Korean-Osakan Bibin’men (cooled noodles)


Too hot for bibimbap…
So let’s say, a “Korean” community has been living in Osaka for 130 years now. Their cuisine is now mixed into local gastronomy.

Korean cold noodles (soba) boiled and refreshed in iced water.
I had in the fridge a pan of cooled boiled shiitake mushrooms. The broth + cider vinegar + sugar made a soup.
Cut veggies (daikon radish, cucumber, carrot, green peppers, leeks). Kochijan (chili miso paste). Sesame seeds. A few drops of sesame oil. Kimchi.
There is always a little bit of season fruit (cherries), you’ll be glad to finish on it.

Note to vegan and vegetarian readers : kimchi is made with seafood, so skip it, add more kochijan or other pickles if you have. For the rest, natto version is vegan, egg version is vegetarian.

Natto version. Garnish.
Mix and eat.

For the next serving :
Egg version. I cooked an egg…

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