In the mist of nishin-soba… iwashi-soba (sardine soba soup)


This is my image of traditional food of Japan… but probably certainly not one of the dishes most Japanese people would present you.

When you travel in the misty lands on the West coast of Kyoto Prefecture, going down to the pittoresques villages of fishers, you see many many fish being dried with a lot of care in front of the houses.

And most small restaurants propose “nishin soba”, a simple bowl of dashi (fish broth), with soba buckwheat noodles and a piece of dried “nishin” (Pacific herring). Surely this dish has been around for hundreds of years.

Today, I have dried sardines…

They come from the same place, and the “iwashi soba” is also popular. As you see, they pass the rope or the stick through the head…

It’s more a Winter dish I think, but they serve it year round. Along the Sea of Japan, it’s always cooler…

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