Visual balance of a meal (fried rice and fish lunch)


A : your fresh veggies. Mix colors to get all the vitamins.

B : your proteins. Mix too. Get some animal, some vegetal. That’s a little too much here, you won’t absorb 40 g of protein in one meal.
But I know high-protein diets are so fashionable these days… And I wanted that egg in my fried rice for the taste of it.

C : Take your load of carb. Yes, it could be brown rice… if you feared a lack of fibers.

D : A little fat in the wok… sti-fry that. Note the rice is reheated before addition. If it was cold, the time it reheats it would absorb tons of oil, or stick. The “sauce” was kimchi juice. I got good Korean kimchi from a nearby stall (yama-imo and okra that was) and the rest of sauce was so good…

Of course, the fish were “baked” separately.

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