Saffron and mint fresh ‘creme de pois chiches’ and tomato stir-fry


Simple instant cold soup. Yes… it’s hot today ! Too bad that you can’t taste the divine fragrance peppermint and saffron by just watching and reading. You have to try. I know saffron is expensive… in normal stores, but I get mine from a wholesaler and quantities used are low so it’s reasonable and we see so many people paying more for their serving of industrial mayonnaise.

Chick peas mixed with a yogurt, blended into a creamy texture. Salt and coriander seed powder. Saffron soaked in water, plus sudachi lemon juice, poured on the cream.

Toppings (on the side) are red bell pepper and fresh peppermint leaves.

(I played with the picasa…)
Olive oil and tomato paste stir-fry of young onion, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, garlic. A drizzle of balsamico and a pinch of habanero powder at the end.

Cal 424 F12.9g C65.5g P18.9g

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