Cool soup hummous


Made with tasty small organic chick peas, it doesn’t need much seasoning.
The peas are soaked and simmered. As they were small, I didn’t add any soda, and the peels became very soft in spite of that.

Peas are reduced to a fine cream in the blender with juice of sudachi lemons, a few drops of fragrant sesame oil, a pinch of natural sea salt.
When it’s cooled, add a few peas. It’s already great.

A drizzle of good olive oil, cumin seeds, Italian parsley… and that slips into your mouth.

Today’s home-baked bread, fresh season veggies.

The little red stuff is harissa.
All that was really pleasant to eat in that hot humid day, and I felt really light and energetic after lunch… unlike most of the crowd in the subway, completely zombified by the weather.

Cal 531.5 F15.1g C84.8g P19.3g

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