About wagashi and mochi from the shop…


This is a snow-flake yuzu mochi I bought. A bit different from those I made.

model vs copy

The technique to grate the mochi differs obviously :

Their recipe too. They used sticky rice flour, corn syrup, and artificial stuff… Not so healthy.
As I was there, I took other samples. I’ll make them too in a few days.

Yesterday, I told you :

To obtain those refreshing “Summer mochi” texture, 3 types of flour are used :
1. sticky rice starch
2. warabi (bracken)
3. kuzu (arrow root)
Or a combination.
There are slight differences of texture.
The first gives something more like a paste, solid, easy to shape by hand, not transparent. It’s not melty unless you add lots of syrup.
The kuzu more like a melty jelly, very transparent. It’s not possible to shape it, you need a mold.
The warabi… in between. I’d say it’s…

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