Chakin egg sushi, natsu chirashi and pink lotus root tsukemono


Chakin 茶市 is a piece of fabric used to wipe accessories during tea ceremony. So this is chakin-zushi or a fukusa-zushi.
Classic filling is sushi rice and rehydrated dry vegetables (shiitake, daikon), and a shrimp is added to them.

Today I filled with some Summer chirashi(-zushi), it’s big dish sushi garnished with tsukemono (veggie pickles).

Cook rice on sushi mode (nearly al dente) or reheat some genmai brown rice. Add the vinegar (just black vinegar for me) and sesame seeds, mix while you make fresh air with a fan.

Quick tsukemono : shredded cucumber, daikon radish, carrot and goya, salt, a little black vinegar… wait 20 minutes.

Squeeze liquid out of veggies and combine with rice. It’s a Summer style chirashi.

For the tamago wrap, beat eggs, a little soy sauce, mirin, a little sugar and 1 ts of cornstarch (mixed with 1 tbs of water) per egg. Beat well…

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