Neba say neba… 3 foods that fight the heat !


Neba neba , that’s the texture you see on this photo. Well neba- is also how they pronounce never in Japan. Sorry for the cheap pun in the title, I couldn’t resist.

Food with that aspect usually have the property to retain water, to help you keep hydrated and feel well when it’s hot. Here are 3 examples :

Natto, okra and molokheya.

Natto is soybeans fermented with “natto-kin” bacteria. It is served with wasabi and egg today, as a topping for hot genmai (brown rice).

The leaves are molokheya (moloukhia), a plant from Egypte, a desert plant, designed to survive dry weather. The okra (gumbos) now popular around the world, these are round ones.

Cutting the okra : you see the filaments of neba neba juice… I salted and added shichimi 7 spice mix.

Less obvious in cut molokheya. I added shredded mint.
I sliced the green hot chili…

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