From red unagi to green vinegar. Summer food rainbow.


Nothing beats local season food.

Kabayaki unagi eel (from Kyushu). Reheated, read how here :
Unagi… fighting the heat with the Japanese eel

The first Japanese kabocha arrive now on market stalls.

Steamed garlic stalks, raw naga imo potato (Chinese yam).
naga-imo potato

Black rice + hatomugi. Hatomugi is a cereal that is said to cool you.

Other hatomugi dishes :

Chou farci au pied de cochon -Hatomugi cabbage roll
Mame gohan. Green peas and rice.

Green vinegar is one of those classical Japanese food that “makes you feel the season”.
The skin of a cucumber is grated and add to vinegar. I used black vinegar and a little sea salt.

Powdered dry sansho on the unagi, green vinegar on the naga imo.

(without the edamame and sake)
Cal 522.8 F18.7g C63.0g P26.7g

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