I have found GOOD couscous. I was a bit tired of the F* brand instant version (still better than nothing in the context).

A Japanese lady has very seriously explained in my presence that couscous is made by mincing your al dente spaghetti with a big Japanese veggie knife. Then she proposed to recook that with ketchup, etc. LOL. I promised to try it !
Hopefully, I am paid to refrain from laughing. As she has seen only the instant version, I can’t blame her.

This one is a good small semolina. It’s whole. I like white too. As long as it’s not the flavorless version.

This you can steam, fluff again and again. Add a little butter and a few raisins.
And bring the chick peas, a sweet red pepper, a few huge grean beans in the soup…

Yep, salmon trout. I had not the times and ingredients for…

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