Ichigo-dama, strawberry pearls


Strawberry dangos. A little Japanese dessert with a pink twist.

These dango are balls of sticky rice. They are made from a product called “shiratama-ko”.

It’s not just rice flour, it is pre-cooked, instant… You need to get that product exactly for this recipe.

How to :
Juice a little amount of strawberry. Measure the amount you need to wet the shiratama-ko (according to package instructions). Pound with a pestle (or the back of a knife), then kneed a little to obtain a smooth paste with the texture of your ear lobe. Form balls with wet hands.
I count 10 g of shiratamako per dango ball.

Boil them, when they float, catch them and refresh in iced water. That’s it.

If you want to make some white and round ones :.

Serve with more strawberries, and tsubuan azuki bean jam (here azuki beans, sweetened with lakanto sweetener).

More sweets…

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