Oyi neang guk, seki-han and daurade flambee au pastis.


This meal is a psychedelic mix… well, I ate it in 2 steps, the Provence style fish with rose wine. And after a break, the 2 Asian dishes, Japanese seki-han (red rice) and a Korean cold cucumber soup.

This is oyi neang guk (오이냉국). The recipe is here, from the blog of Kourmet. My julienne of cukes could have been finer… and my fingers shorter ? Well, they were very mature and on the soft side.
That was excellent and super super hot… because the recipe said half a red chili pepper and green chili pepper, probably one half in total. Then, I was with 2 halves of peppers sold as “hot hot-chili” for some reason (they are at the hottest of the year now ! ), and I thought “I would do nothing with the rest of peppers, so let’s put them all.”. Waaaah !!! But you feel…

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