Kabocha no nitsuke, and a new Japanese food : wheat natto


Kabocha, the Japanese pumpkin.
The Japanese pumpkins

In “nitsuke” (flavored simmering, with bonito fish flakes, soy sauce and mirin).

This means “wheat natto”. As you know -or not- natto is cooked soy beans, that are then fermented with a bacteria called “nattokin”.
So what ? Natto made of wheat ?
They precise 75% soy beans and 25 % wheat. That looks like that :

As you see, it’s even more natto-chewing-gumish than the standard…

With the sauce and mustard, that looks more familiar. Taste… er, honestly, just like traditionnal natto. If I had eaten it the eyes closed, I wouldn’t have known it was different.

About natto :
Classic natto on rice
Natto’s refreshing property
Many meals with natto on this blog

White goya, salted. With a dash of Okinawan sauce (made of awamori sweet sake, infused with mini hot chili peppers).

Pipping hot white rice… Yeah, I reheat it…

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