With tomato tsuyu and white goya.


Today’s zaru soba. It’s not different but not exactly the same. This is a ju-wari soba (100% buckwheat flour) that is light colored. There exist different shades of buckwheat.

I have replaced the water by juiced tomato in the tsuyu (stock of soy sauce and dry fish).

Toppings are rucola, dry fish flakes and white sesame.

So you dip in the cooled noodles in this cooled sauce and schlurp…

…when you’ve finished the noodles, you pour the boiling water of the noodles (that works only for ju-wari, as you see the broth is dense). You drink that hot soup to finish your meal.

I have found white go~ya (bitter cucumber) at the market. I had never seen them before. They are not very bitter, but watery, fresh and easy to eat.

Salad of goya, chick peas, hot green chili, sweet green chili, black rice vinegar, fragrant sesame oil.

(double serving…

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