Fevoulet (a very old French specialty)


This is a “fevoulet”.
I like cooking dishes from yesteryears, trying to imagine what people had in their plate 1000 years ago. That’s surely not accurate. I am not an historian. That’s just for fun.

Fevoulet ou Cassoulet aux Feves

You may already know “cassoulet”, a very old specialty of the South-East of France, made of longly baked white beans with different kind of fat meat products. The classic cassoulet is a very *dense* dish, ideal Winter after a long day of farm work… I like it , but not when it’s over 40 C (~100F) and 80% of humidity.
The fresh fava (broad bean) version is the fevoulet. It is actually much older, when white beans were unknown in Europe… Well, in old times, they had no tomatoes either, but the revival version often has the addition of a few fresh tomatoes.

The meat is lean cut of pork…

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